How Do I Put In My Pin For The Parental Codes?

Your Parental Code will be a 4 digit number that is sent to you in your welcome email. You can change this number by logging into your account at anytime.

1. Click on the channel that requires Parental Controls.

2. 4 boxes will appear and the first box will be highlighted in pink.

3. Press Select on the first box that is highlighted and a keyboard will appear.

4. Press the number that is applicable for that box by pressing it on the Navigation Button.

5. Next, press the Microphone Button, which clears the keyboard.

6. Finally, press the Back Arrow, which will take you back to your 4 boxes.

7. Using the Navigation Button move the pink highlight to the second box and repeat the steps until you have completed all 4 numbers.

8. The selected channel will automatically turn right on.


• Now that the Parental Code has been activated it will stay activated until you get completely out of the GenzeeTV app and it will require you to log in again.

• If you go back to the channel and you are stuck on the log in (4 boxes) hit up or down on the Navigation Button until you get a channel that is not in the Parental Code requirements