What Internet Speed Is Recommended For Genzee TV?

We recommend you have at least you have at least 25MB. GenzeeTV will work with a lot lower Internet speed but that is what we recommend.

GenzeeTV prides itself as the #1 Most Reliable IPTV Service so you should NOT have a buffering issue! You should always have 98% of up-time! If you have a buffering issue please check your Internet.


What Does It Mean When I See "No Video Input"?

This can be a couple of things.

1. The first reason you may see that is because of an internet issue. Remember we are an IPTV service and the Internet is what runs the GenzeeTV application.

2. It can also mean that there is no programming for that channel at that time. Remember there are hundreds of channels to choose from and most of your favorite channels will play the same content over multiple channels, so we recommend you take a minute and navigate through all of the hundreds of channels GenzeeTV offers. You will always have your favorite channels up and running but sometimes a channel may go down and our IT department will work to get it back up right away!

3. Another reason could be because that channel is under maintenance or the TV Show or Sporting Event for that channel has not started yet. For example, if you were watching a Sporting Event and it didn’t start until 7:05pm, you may see NO VIDEO INPUT until that game starts. If you still see NO VIDEO INPUT and the game has started but you have no picture, you may have to hit the Select Button again to reset and the game should turn right on.