(Example using a Fire Stick remote)

When you first log in to the GenzeeTV app you will see the screen below and that is called your Menu Screen. (When you first log in, you will not have a screen showing a TV Show on your Menu Screen, until you have selected your first channel).

• When the green TV Box is highlighted, press the Select Button on the Remote and this will take you to your last channel you are watching.

• If you want to find a channel we have 2 TV Guides. One is called the Quick Guide and one is called the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide).

• When you are watching a TV Show and want to get to the Quick Guide you need to press the Select Button. The Quick Guide will then appear.


• The Quick Guide is a way to quickly get to any channel you want by scrolling left and right using the Navigation Button on your Remote.

• You can also use the Menu Bar at the top of the Quick Guide to get to specific Channels grouped by Genre. (Remember: Adult Channels are always Password Protected).

• When you have the Quick Guide open (shown in the picture above) and you want to see what is on that channel and view the TV Guide (EPG), select the Menu Button on the Remote and it will give you the EPG below.


• When you are on the EPG this will let you know what is on each channel just like a TV Guide.

• The EPG will always default on the channel you were already watching.

• When navigating in the EPG you will always have the channel you were watching on at the top left.

• If you select another channel in the EPG it will change the TV screen to that channel and give you a description at the top right.

• If you want to watch that channel you selected in the EPG, simply click the channel again and it will display that channel on your TV screen.

• If you ever want to go back to the Menu Screen you can always get there by pressing the Back Arrow (See Below).


• On-Demand will always default to the ALL Tab.

• The All Tab is all the TV Shows and Movies that is uploaded into the On-Demand library. This is done daily and sorted by the most recent.

• If you select New Releases this will give you all of your Movies starting with the most recent uploaded Movies.

• If you select TV Shows you can find your favorite shows shown in alphabetical order.

• To search your favorite TV Shows and Movies, use the Navigation Button to go to the top where it says Navigate hear to search movies. When you see the curser blinking press the Select Button and a keyboard will appear for you to type in your selection.

• Most Customers use the search tab at the top to find their favorite TV Shows and Movies.

• Again, if you ever want to go back to the Menu Screen at anytime hit the Back Arrow.