1. Log in to your GenzeeTV account with the Username (email address) and Password you created when you first registered with GenzeeTV. 

2. Select the Shop Tab.

3. Select 1 Month All Access Pass (BUY NOW). 


• If you decide to purchase your All Access Monthly Pass while you are still in your Free 48 Trial, any remaining time will be automatically added to your All Access Monthly Pass when you purchase.
• Make sure in the Quantity Box it ONLY has the number 1. You can only check out with one item in your Shopping Cart. If the box has a 2 or more in that box hit the red (x) then click Continue to reselect your All Access Monthly Pass. 
• Make sure the Payment Address at the left matches the billing address for the credit card you are using.

5. Put in your Credit Card info.

6. Check the TERM OF USE box.


8. The next screen will say Thank You For Your Order.

9. Continue With GenzeeTV!!! 

Log in to your account


• You DO NOT need to create another account after your Free 48 Trial. Simply follow the steps above and select your Monthly All Access Pass and your service will automatically continue.
• Forgot your Username or Password? Your Username is the email you used to register your GenzeeTV account. The Password is what you created when you first registered. You can also select the Forgotten Password link to reset your Password.
• Check your email for your purchase receipt.
• Reach out to us if you have any questions or need any help.


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